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Soviet Baby Boomers – Media and the Cultural Politics of Détente

Another important issue in Raleigh’s book is a role of media in cultural consumption of the Soviet baby boomers especially during the 1970s (pp. 221-223, 275, 299).  I will add, which was missing in the book. The détente of the … Continue reading

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Soviet Baby Boomers – Other Sources

As far as I know, Donald Raleigh’s book is the first known Soviet oral history study by a western scholar that is based exclusively on personal oral interviews as only primary sources and uses only the oral history methodology in … Continue reading

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Soviet Baby Boomers – Previous American Portrayals

Another interesting source for our understanding of the Soviet Baby Boomers Generation is a written correspondence by the western journalists who lived in Moscow during late socialism. Western journalists’ publications were also based on personal interviews. Sometime those publications have … Continue reading

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