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Steven A. Barnes, George Mason University

Miriam Dobson, University of Sheffield

Andrew Jenks, California State University – Long Beach

John Randolph, University of Illinois

Matthew Romaniello, University of Hawaii

Joshua Sanborn, Lafayette College

Asif Siddiqi, Fordham University

Alison Smith, University of Toronto

Elizabeth Wood, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Perhaps one of the historians can clear up a confusing point of family history. My father’s parents came from what they called Bessarabia, which is now Moldova, but which was awarded to Romania by the Treaty of Paris (1920).

The two linked images are scans of my grandmother’s passport when she came to America in 1923. She had to go to Bucharest to the Russian Embassy to get a passport.

Front Cover of passport – http://1drv.ms/18UFgmn
Inside of passport – http://1drv.ms/18UFt92

So it would seem that she was a Russian subject at he time. Why? Did being Jewish have anything to do with it?

Also I’m wondering what Russian government had this embassy in Bucharest. Had the Romanians (or anyone else) recognized the Soviets at that point? Or was this embassy controlled by the whites?

Larry Seltzer

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