Article about my Gagarin book

Just a brief post on an article from my university about my forthcoming Gagarin book. My reference in the interview to the International Astronomical Society should be the International Aeronautical Federation.

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I am greatly looking forward to the book, I have had an obsession with Gagarin for years. I am currently tracking down people who grew up on Anglesey in the 1980s who remember Soviet cosmonauts coming to their village as part of a tour of the UK. The very idea of this, at the height of the Cold War, is fascinating. Will transmit findings…

Thanks Nick. I’ve noticed that the British (along with Canadians) had a special affinity for Gagarin, especially as compared to Americans. Gagarin’s visit to London and Manchester, and his meeting with the Queen and Prime Minister as well as union leaders, no doubt had much to do with it. Still, the UK fascination with Gagarin is something I don’t fully understand (Gurbir Singh, as you probably know, has an excellent book out in 2011 from Astrotalk Publications on Gagarin’s July 1961 visit to the UK, entitled Yuri Gagarin in London and Manchester: A Smile that Changed the World?). How to explain Gagarin’s idol status in the UK?

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